Juvenile otp

Drunkard's Gait

New picture :V

Click Link to See Full picture~

Oekaki + Open Canvas + MS Paint

Lineart and colouring on Oekaki. Shading by Open Canvas. Background was done on MS Paint and coloured in Open Canvas. MS Paint and Open Canvas were used for any last-minute edits.

I'm kinda sad about how Ed turned out... I can never draw bodies right. I like Winry's dress, tho... well, the top part anyhow.

Thanks to Lina and Plaidrat for looking over the pic.

I did an okay background for once, I feel accomplished. oxo

Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell are © to Hiromu Arakawa.
Winry freaks out

New pic!

Okay, so this was my entry for fireandice2008!

Click on the picture to see it fully.

I was given two prompts, one to do with heat, and one to do with cold. I used "Mittens and Jackets".

I won first place for art! \o/

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me!

The lineart was done on paper with Copic and Sakura multiliners. This was originally supposed to be coloured with markers, but I got carried away when I was experimenting colours digitally... and this happened. e.e;

I'm happy with it --Ed's face still bugs me but... it was worse before. xD

This has been edited since I submitted it for the contest, too.

Please tell me your thoughts!
Juvenile otp

Friends cut

I seem to be doing one of these every year now. xD;

But anyhow, once again, I feel as if some of us have drifted apart, and some people just aren't interested, and so on.

I was a little apprehensive at first about this, but I've decided to man up. =>_<= *Is war-painted*

Certain people are safe, mostly close friends. You most likely know who you are.

So yes, comment if you'd like to remain friends. =)
Juvenile otp

Poor guys

Funny story. Ms. Baksh was telling us in the MSA, about how one of her teachers make the boys sit down and listen when a girl would ask about menstruation problems and so on. Because they probably had a mother and sister(s) and they'll probably have a wife and daughter(s) someday, and need to know this stuff.

A lot of guys don't know that a woman can't fast while she's on her cycle --Not because she's unclean, but because she's unable, and we do make up fasts after ramadan. Apparently, in another school's MSA, there was this guy who, after Ramadan finished went around asking everyone how many days they fasted, and bragged about how he fasted all thirty.

So, he went up to a girl and asked her how many days she fasted. "Twenty-four", she said, and he laughed at her gloating "Haha, I did all thirty! You're lazy!"

He kept doing this to other girls too, until finally someone got annoyed.

"Did you notice ALL the girls fasted less than thirty?"

"Yeah, because they're LAZY!"

"Look, go home, ask your mother how many she kept, and ask her why."

So, he went home. And the next day, he came, looking very small and quiet. And he said,

"I asked my mom..."

So now I have fun watching the boys squirm in the MSA during the times me and other girls bring up the problem. >:D
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Juvenile otp

I gots new copic markers 8D

Oh, and I drew this new picture. For a friend, based off her fic. It also helps that it's my OTP.

Click on the picture to see it fully.

New Copic Sketch markers and my faithful old Prismacolours.

I actually did a decent background for once... wow. Too bad the sky sucks so bad D: it's always something.

So, how goes it?


Yeah, I guess I dissappear and re-appear in a while. Tis my style now, as you already know. .-.

I need to get off my lazy butt and post my FMA and Avatar icons.